Spa Care Products

Looking for spa care products? Click on the links below to learn more about each of our sister spa care brands.

BaquaSpa® Consumer Spa Products
Spa care simplified, your time multiplied. That’s the advantage of a chlorine-free, bromine-free BAQUASpa® system for your spa care routine. When you add it all up, the results are always the same—water that feels fresh and soft on your skin in mere minutes. Start spending less time on the spa and more time in it by visiting to learn more.

Brilliance® Consumer Spas Products
A brilliant idea deserves a spotlight. Take the Brilliance® Spa Care System, a bromine-based spa care program that produces glowing results in three simple steps. With all three products working in concert, it sets the stage for clear, chlorine-free water. Learn more about the system by visiting

being® Aromatherapy Products
Pamper yourself with a little extra something in the spa designed to relax your soul and rejuvenate your spirit. It’s as simple as using being® aromatherapy products, featuring a natural blend of oils, herbs and botanicals that promote the well being of your mind, body and spirit. Learn more about the full line of being products—including aromatherapy, mist and candles—by visiting

Brilliance® and being® are registered trademarks of Arch Chemicals, Inc. BAQUASpa® is a registered trademark of Arch UK Biocides Ltd.